Family Law & Divorce Lawyers

Most people derive their sense of who they are from their families and their roles within them. Because of how this sense of identity as a family member can be disrupted when a divorce or other family law issue arises, it is common for family law cases to involve emotional conflict and uncertainty about the future.

At Roach Law, we offer compassionate representation to our clients, and we are assertive when we need to be in order to protect our clients’ best interests. Because we understand the heightened emotions that divorces can cause, we are able to help you in a way that best helps you to address your unique concerns.

What Is Family Law?

Family law is comprised of a body of case law and statutes that govern the responsibilities of individuals who have familial connections. These types of cases normally involve people who are related by marriage or blood, but it can also affect the rights of people who have more distant relationships as well. Because of the highly emotional nature of family law disputes, it is advisable to seek legal help from the experienced attorneys at Roach Law.

Types Of Family Law Cases That We Handle

The experienced family law attorneys at Roach Law are able to handle your family law case, no matter what type it might be. Some of the cases that we handle include the following:

  • Divorces
  • Complex property division matters
  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Child and spousal support
  • Contempt and enforcement matters
  • Relocations
  • Post-decree modifications
  • International child custody disputes

We are able to help you with your family law case regardless of what it involves. To learn more, contact us today.


Client-Centered Results for Complex Family Law Issues

The experienced family law attorneys at Roach Law have substantial experience with helping clients with a broad array of family law issues. We are often able to secure agreements that protect our clients’ interests. If agreements are not possible, we are unafraid to aggressively litigate our clients’ disputes through hearings and trials. Call us today to learn more about how we might help you with your family law case.

No Matter The Circumstances We Can Help

Our attorneys are both skilled negotiators and aggressive litigators. Our goal for you—and for each and every client—is to seek just results while preserving the integrity and sanctity of your family. We can help guide your through the following family law issues:

Child Custody
Child Support
Contempt Cases
DHS/DYFS/OCFS Investigatons
Divorce & Separation
Divorce Tax Consequences

Educational Support Orders
Enforcement of Prior Court Orders
Equitable Distribution
Grandparent Rights
Juvenile Court Proceedings
International Disputes Regarding Children
Multi-state disputes regarding children
Name Change

Parenting Plans
Paternity Disputes
Post-Judgment Modification
Prenuptial Agreements
Reconciliation Agreements
Restraining & Protection Orders
Termination of Parental Rights

We Handle Contested & Uncontested Divorce Cases.

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